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NRDC is the nation's most effective environmental action group, combining the grassroots power of more than 2 million members and online activists with the courtroom clout and expertise of nearly 500 lawyers, scientists and other professionals.

The New York Times calls us "One of the nation's most powerful environmental groups." The National Journal says we're "A credible and forceful advocate for stringent environmental protection."

Our dedicated staff work with businesses, elected leaders, and community groups on the biggest issues we face today. Our priorities include:

The NRDC Story

NRDC was founded in 1970 to protect our air, land, and water from the forces of pollution and corporate greed. We protect. We defend. We lead the way. Learn more

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Industrial use of herbicides has exploded—killing off the milkweed that monarch butterflies need to survive. Tell the EPA to adopt tough restrictions on the chemicals imperiling monarchs.

In addition to our latest reports and press releases, you can see statements from our President Rhea Suh and blog posts on many important issues.

Rhea Suh

Rhea Suh,

NRDC has a staff of more than 350 lawyers, scientists, economists, and policy experts:

What the Experts Are Saying

Charity Watchdogs:

"The Better Business Bureau reports that NRDC meets its highest standards for accountability and use of donor funds."
The Wise Giving Alliance of the Better Business Bureau
"One of America's 100 Best Charities…. Even by environmentalist standards, this is a relentless group of lawyers and scientists."
Worth Magazine

News Sources:

"One of the nation's most powerful environmental groups."
The New York Times
"NRDC is, by many accounts, the most effective lobbying and litigating group on environmental issues."
The Wall Street Journal
"NRDC's lawyers are said by eco-observers to know more about environmental law than the government does."
U.S. News & World Report

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Mission Statement

To safeguard the Earth: its people, its plants and animals and the natural systems on which all life depends.

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Annual Reports

In 2010, NRDC marked its 40th anniversary. Four decades is a powerful testament to NRDC's staying power, but what is more extraordinary is what we have accomplished in that time. Our work has made the air safer, water cleaner, and landscapes better protected.

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Detailed Financial Reporting


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Priority Issues

Curbing Global Warming

Climate change is the single biggest environmental and humanitarian crisis of our time. We must act now to spur the adoption of cleaner energy sources at home and abroad. Read More

Creating the Clean Energy Future

America's dependence on fossil fuels threatens our national security and is a major contributor to global warming and toxic air pollution. By investing in renewable energy sources such as the sun, wind and biomass, we can help solve the energy and climate crises. Read More

Reviving the World's Oceans

The world's oceans are on the brink of ecological collapse. We can restore marine vitality by ending overfishing, creating marine protected areas and improving the way we govern our oceans. Read More

Defending Endangered Wildlife and Wild Places

The destruction of our last remaining wildlands means the loss of vast troves of biological diversity, critical regulators of global climate, and irreplaceable sanctuaries. Read More

Protecting Our Health By Preventing Pollution

We must reduce or eliminate the dangerous chemicals in the products we buy, the food we eat and the air we breathe. Read More

Ensuring Safe and Sufficient Water

As we enter the 21st century, swelling demand and changing climate patterns are draining rivers and aquifers as pollution threatens the quality of what remains. Read More

Fostering Sustainable Communities

The choices we make for where and how we live have enormous impacts on our well-being, economy, and natural environment. NRDC develops and advocates sustainable solutions for our communities. Read More

Where we work

We're headquartered in New York City, and have offices in:

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NRDC is ranked #9 on the NonProfit Times 50 Best Nonprofits to Work for 2012. To browse and apply for an open position, please click here.

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NRDC Gets Top Ratings from the Charity Watchdogs

Charity Navigator awards NRDC its 4-star top rating.
Worth magazine named NRDC one of America's 100 best charities.
NRDC meets the highest standards of the Wise Giving Alliance of the Better Business Bureau.

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NRDC Ranks 9th Best Nonprofit to Work for in 2012

NRDC came in at #9 on the NonProfit Times 50 Best Nonprofits to Work for 2012. Plus, we were the only environmental group in the top 50 and we were #2 compared to other organizations of our size.
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